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Canvas Adventure Gear Bag Large

Canvas Adventure Gear Bag Large

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Dimensions: 660 x 320 x 320 (mm)

Outcamps Adventure gear bags are tough, heavy-duty, hard-wearing bags designed for the outdoor adventurer, extreme worksites or any situation that requires a reliable luggage solution.

If you've ever been camping at arrived at the site only to find that water or dust has gotten into your gear, we've got the solution for you. The bag is large enough to hold enough clothes to get you through the week at least. The flat base of the bag allows clothing to be folded and packed correctly and makes finding what you want to wear for the day simple.

Our canvas adventure bags are ideal for use when camping and four-wheel driving. They are manufactured from Razorback™ 12 Ripstop is a medium-weight waterproof canvas fabric.

Fitted with 40mm carry handles and large zips they will last for years to come. The smooth matt finish of the 100% waterproof fabric is easy to keep clean and is extremely tough, and the base of the bag is manufactured from black fabric to keep it looking it best with all the abuse it will take on your adventures.

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