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Water Sports Mesh Gear Bag

Water Sports Mesh Gear Bag

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Watersports mesh gear bags are tough, heavy-duty, a hard-wearing bag designed for the watersport enthusiast. 

Manufactured from durable PVC coated fabric mesh which allows your gear to breathe and dry out if it has been packed away damp. They are ideal for lifejackets, towels wetsuits and equipment for sports such as waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, snorkel and scuba diving swimming and kayaking.
Available in 3 lengths to suit your equipment, with the largest being a huge 950mm long to fit scuba and freediving fins. Custom sizes are available.

They are also great for transporting and storing all the kids beach toys and equipment, with the solid base and the mesh upper you can simply chuck all their toys in and flip the bags upside down and shake all the sand out. The gear can also be left in the bag and hosed off with fresh water once you get home without having to unpack it all again.

The base is manufactured from a durable 500gsm, waterproof and UV treated fabric in your desired colour.
Fitted with 40mm carry handles and large zips they will last for years to come. The smooth matt finish of the 100% waterproof fabric is easy to keep clean and is extremely tough, and the base of the bag is manufactured from black fabric to keep it looking its best with all the abuse it will take on your adventures.

LARGE -  660 x 320 x 320 (mm)
X - LARGE - 800 x 320 x 320 (mm)
X - LONG - 950 x 320 x 320 (mm)


Custom sizes available, message for a quote. 
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